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The history of MARKOS

MARKOS' leading products are wind turbine housings, rescue and salvage boats, tourist boats, work boats and special purpose boats. Sailing and motor boat parts are an equally important element in the company's portfolio, though of course not the last. Such a broad spectrum of products gives MARKOS satisfaction, as well as an established position in the global market. The implemented philosophy of Lean Manufacturing ensures continuous optimization and progress in all areas of activity. MARKOS, consistently realizing the vision of development, is also actively involved in projects aimed at introducing ecological materials and solutions in the production process. Concern for the state of the environment, in addition to the continuous improvement of the offered products, is the most important point in the strategy of the entire company. 

Yachts, the automotive industry and windmills aren't everything. There is also a thriving sector of engineered laminates for fish farms, whose farming is moving from open water to composite tanks. They are connected by pipes that pump and treat the water. The first installations of this type are already in operation in northern Norway. 

For MARKOS, the most valuable capital are people. Employing several hundred people today, the company is committed to building professional relationships with its employees, as well as initiating activities to build relationships between employees themselves that are full of mutual respect, kindness and tolerance. As a responsible employer, we always puts respect for human and labor rights first. Without these people, success would not have been achieved. Employees feel that they contribute to the development of the company and that their work matters, and that the products that come out of their hands serve a variety of functions - in addition to raising the standard of living, developing selected sectors of the economy, helping to save lives and health. 

Since 2001, MARKOS' shareholder has been one of the company's main, long-term customers, the well-established German shipyard Fr. Fassmer Ltd. The alliance with the German giant has allowed the company to increase its production potential and economic efficiency, as well as transfer technical and technological information.